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Welcome to the Rod Class Fans Blog!  We appreciate you stopping by, and hope that you’ll take time to let us know you’re here and share with everyone.  We want to offer a peaceful place to come and enjoy the company of others. Use this thread to introduce yourself.  The Home Base website is at  http://www.rodclassteam.com/


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9 Responses to Welcome

  1. Terri In NC says:

    I’ve gone through all of the postings and made sure the links work correctly. Those that didn’t were deleted, and the ones that could be repaired are now working. In the future if anyone notices a broken link, please leave a comment so that I’ll notice it. Thank you.

  2. oz says:

    I just learned of your team and until now have not been able to be on alive show as yet. I have been listening to a few of your archived articles of which I am very much appreciative of your efforts. You guys are special. I am finding some missing links to my learning. I intend to be a regular listener to your show as much as possible. I will do what ever I can to be helpful too your team, in spreading the word about your show, and if I can do anything from the west coast. Many thanks and God Bless.

  3. Terri In NC says:

    Hey oz, and thank you for stopping by. Rod has a show tonight at 9 PM Eastern. Just go to the website and then click on the Need To Know link. You’ll be able to click to join the show about 15 minutes prior to its start, or either call in from your phone. Glad to have you on board!

  4. oz says:

    Terri, thanks for the reply. I earlier was listening to a recorded session, where Rod and Carl were speaking of the possibility of a protest in DC comparable to the one in Egypt. I love the idea, and would like to participate however I am physically unable to and being on a very limited budget I can not do much. I have a few friends and family members on the east coast (I am on the other side of the world). I have been trying to encourage my friends to get aboard in participating in the calls and archives. Carl and Rod spoke of trying to get the tea partiers involved in the protest, which is also a great idea. I also thought perhaps as Carl and Rod are going through DC and into Maine (?) for the seminar in early June, they perhaps might be able to make connections with Glenn Beck of the Glenn beck show. Last year on MLK day he was able to drown a crowd of somewhere over a million people I think the count was, and I think perhaps they might be able to get onto his show, or have him promote the activity. Just a thought. Hopefully it could develop, I think it would be beneficial, and in my opinion he certainly is a red bloodied American, You might run the idea by Rod and Carl. I will do what I ca to help make it a reality, if it meets with Carl and Rods approval. After all it is their ball game. Many thanks and the best to you.

  5. Max says:

    Hi…I was wondering where in U.S.C. Title 21 Sec. 841 the illegal drug posession has been repealed? I have personally talked to Rod about this however I somehow don’t see it. Do I have to go to a law library and look it up there? Any help on this would be much appreciated.



  6. Terri In NC says:

    Hey Max, I appreciate you stopping by. Take a look at the documents I uploaded for Rod on the Scribd site, and if they aren’t there, check out Mac’s site. Mac has tons of documents, and he’s been at it a lot longer than I have.
    Scribd site is at http://www.scribd.com/rodclassteam

    Mac’s site is at http://privateattorneygeneral.spruz.com/

  7. Jim Palmisano aka johngalt1 says:

    Thought this dissertation would be interesting to the group.

    Discussion on the 14th Amendment

    Jim Palmisano

  8. Ms. Joyce Alison Cappello says:

    Rod, Carl & Company,
    Just watched the Tube video Bravo. You did a great job and made us proud. May the awesome Creator that we worship guide and protect you every step of the way.
    Ms. Joyce Alison Cappello

  9. Terri In NC says:

    Notice: This blog is now closed for comments. The information already posted here will remain in place for your future reference, however this site will no longer be monitored due to computer problems I’ve been having.

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